Revelation of Hope – The Revelation of Jesus Christ


An Intriguing Prophecy Seminar

Handbill 2015-1

Where are we headed in these uncertain times? Do the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation, filled with fascinating imagery and symbols, have a message for our day?… the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a succession of colorful beasts rising from the sea, the mystical number 666, a beautiful woman riding a scarlet leopard, a fiery red dragon, trumpet blasts, the opening of the seven seals, angels shouting urgent messages to all nations of the earth… the vivid imagery of the prophetic books comes alive in this special series.

You can view the Study Guides by directly clicking on the Download link. To save a copy of the guide, “Right-click” on the link and select “Save target” or “Save Link as” options.

Day Date Pres # Title Study Guide
Friday 11-Sep     1 Revelation’s Predictions for the New Millennium Download
Sabbath-P 12-Sep     2 Revelation’s Biggest Surprise Download
Sunday 13-Sep     3 Revelation’s Greatest End-Time Signs Download
Monday 14-Sep     4 Revelation’s Star Wars–“Battle for the Throne” Download
Friday 18-Sep     5 Revelation’s Peace Maker Download
Sabbath-P 19-Sep     6 Revelation’s Source of Spiritual Power Download
Sunday 20-Sep     7 Revelation’s Most Amazing Prophecy Download
Monday 21-Sep     8 Revelation’s Final Judgment Download
Friday 25-Sep     9 Revelation’s Answer for Society’s Crumbling Moral Values Download
Sabbath-P 26-Sep     10 Revelation’s Sign of Allegiance in Earth’s Last Conflict  Download
Sunday 27-Sep     11 Revelation Reveals History’s Greatest Hoax  Download
Monday 28-Sep     12 Revelation’s Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues  Download
Friday 2-Oct     13 Revelation Reveals Deadly Delusions  Download
Sabbath-P 3-Oct     14 Revelation’s Mysterious 1,000 Years Unsealed  Download
Sabbath-P 3-Oct     15 Revelation’s Lake of Fire  Download
Sunday 4-Oct     16 Revelation’s Four Horsemen  Download
Monday 5-Oct     17 Revelation’s Coming Church/State Union  Download
Friday 9-Oct     18 Revelation’s Mark of the Beast Exposed  Download
Sabbath-P 10-Oct     19 Revelation Predicts the United States in Prophecy  Download
Sabbath-P 10-Oct     20 Revelation’s Movement of Destiny  Download
Sunday 11-Oct     21 Revelation’s Secret of a Whole New Life  Download
Monday 12-Oct     22 Revelation Reveals Life at Its Best  Download
Friday 16-Oct     23 Revelation’s Prophetic Movement at the End Time Download
Sabbath-P 17-Oct     24 Revelation’s Final Events Download
Sabbath-P 17-Oct     25 Revelation’s World of Tomorrow  Download


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